What is the Self Employed Business Academy?

Our vision is that the Self Employed Business Academy is the premier community for self employed small business owners – a place where people who are self employed can learn how to run your business better, connect with other small business owners and industry experts, and have access to the tools and strategies you need to grow your business profits and reap the rewards from the risks you have taken by starting your own business.

What We Do

As a small business owner, it can be lonely at the top. We give you a community to talk to and share with. We also give you access to great courses that show you how make more sales, more profit and give you a better lifestyle. We also provide you with special resources that are only available to our members. Best of all, we know our advice works because we have the runs on the board ourselves.

Why We Do It

We’re on a mission to smash the success rates out of the park. Why? We do it because we have been there ourselves and know how tough it can be to get the right advice and resources that save you time and money and boost your chances of success. We do it because we believe that small businesses—just like yours—are the backbone of our economy. And finally, we do it for you. At the end of the day, it’s you – our clients – who are important. You have risked much to run your own business, and we want to see you get the success you deserve.

Who We Are

Wayne BurganHi, I’m Wayne Burgan. I have been involved with small business almost all my life. My first business at age 14, was a guitar school where I taught other kids (and some adults) how to play guitar. I ran that business for several years until I left my home town to go to university and study accounting. After 10 years of working for the Australian Taxation Office (the equivalent of the IRS) and seeing the problems of small business owners from that perspective, I started an accounting practice focused on helping them. I quickly discovered many needed help with their record-keeping so I developed a product to help them and that grew into an international business. I sold that business in early 2018 and ‘retired’, but I am still passionate about helping self employed people to be successful. So that’s why I have joined together with my North American friend and colleague, Bud Chapplain, to create the Self Employed Business Academy.

Bud ChapplainHi, I’m Bud Chapplain. My background is in sales. I grew up in the direct sales industry and spent many years with Encyclopedia Britannica. As you can imagine, it takes some doing to become successful in the direct sales industry where I went from being a regular sales person to a regional sales manager. I first met my colleague, Wayne Burgan, when Brittanica appointed me to a sales manager position in Adelaide, Australia. We went to the same church and our love of golf meant that we often spent time together on the golf course as well. I was promoted back to Canada but we kept in touch, and when I finished up with Encyclopedia Britannica, I managed Wayne’s software business in Canada and the United States. Like Wayne, I am passionate about helping small business owners, and believe that my sales experience can be a great help to the members of the Academy all over the world.

We are the people behind the Academy, and as a member of the Academy, you will have access to a variety of professionals and experts from different backgrounds, fields and even countries who want to help you succeed.